Esmee Arugula

Esmee Arugula


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Beautiful, fine leaves are incised with rounded oak-leaf shape.

A wonderful flavor that is more nutty than spicy sets Esmee apart from other arugula cultivars. Beautifully shaped leaves are upright and lofty, perfect for either bunching or bagging. Quick growing and very cold tolerant.

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Eruca sativa


Arugula prefers a fertile, well-drained soil, with a pH range of 6.0-6.8 in full sun to part shade. Arugula prefers cool conditions and is hardy enough to over-winter in many locations from late summer and early fall sowings. It is also well-adapted for growing in cool greenhouses and high tunnels for winter production. 


For full size arugula, space plants 12-18" apart. For continuous harvest of baby arugula, make a furrow about two inches deep and five inches wide. Loosen the plug and spread the plants the length of the furrow. 


For bunching, cut just above soil level. For baby leaf, clip leaves for cut-and-come-again. After plants flower, the leaves can still be used but taste is sharper. Flowers are also edible.

Pest Control

Flea beetles can be controlled by covering the crop with floating row covers from the day of sowing. Prevent diseases with crop rotation and sanitation.

Days to Maturity

Baby: 21 days
Full Size: 40 days