Giant Winter Spinach

Giant Winter Spinach


Dark green, glossy leaves are deeply savoyed and selected for cold hardiness.

High yielding variety recommended for fall crops, winter greenhouse production, or over wintering outdoors under mulch. Incredibly cold hardy, specifically developed for overwintering for a spring crop.

  • Fall/winter crop

  • Baby or full size leaves

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Spinacia oleracea


The Northwest's favorable conditions for spinach production allow us to focus our selection criteria on flavor, vigor, and bolt and disease resistance. The highest-protein vegetable, leafy spinach greens boast an unmatched, synergistic complement of vitamins, minerals, flavonoids and carotenoids that when combined, protect eyesight, help prevent the buildup of cholesterol, and target cancer-causing free radicals.

Soil Nutrients and Requirements

Optimum soil pH range is 6.5-7.5. Apply 1/2 cup of a complete fertilizer per 5 row feet, and 1 inch of compost.

Plant Spacing


Row Spacing


When to Plant

Spinach grows best during cooler weather of early spring and fall. Soil temperature above 80°F can cause erratic germination. 

Other Considerations

Bolting is caused by rising temperatures, day length and water stress.

Harvest & Storage

For baby greens, harvest at 3-4 inches. Individual leaves may be harvested anytime. Store at 36°F and 95% relative humidity.

Pest Info

Common insect pest is spinach leaf miner. Control by spraying eggs on the underside of leaves with an Azatrol type spray or destroy affected leaves and keep surrounding areas well weeded. 

Disease Info

Plant in fertile soil and use a 3-4 year crop rotation. Acadia Spinach is Downy Mildew resistant.

Days to Maturity

50 Days