Rouge D'Hiver

Rouge D'Hiver


Versatile variety with beautiful bronze leaves for salad mix or full size heads.

Color varies from reddish-bronze to deep red on the tips with dark green bases. As its translated name Red of Winter implies, this variety does particularly well in the cool conditions of the fall and winter.

  • Baby or full size
  • Best for spring or fall planting
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Latuca sativa


Lettuce is a cool season annual in the Compositae family, which includes endive, escarole, chicory, globe artichoke, sunflower, Jerusalem artichoke, salsify, and burdock. Rouge D'Hiver is a butterhead lettuce, also known as Boston or bib lettuce. The leaves form a loose head.

Soil Nutrients and Requirements

Choose cool, well drained, loose soil with pH 6.2-6.8. Lettuce is sensitive to low pH.  Use an all purpose fertilizer if planting in soil that lacks adequate organic matter. 

Plant Spacing

Mini: 6"
Full size: 8-12”

Row Spacing

12-18” or 3 rows/36” bed, 5’ centers.


Cut lettuce holds best when harvested in the morning and cooled rapidly.  For salad mix or baby leaf production, harvest individual leaves when they reach desired size, or cut evenly across the bed making sure to stay above the growing tip. Butterhead lettuces are quite fragile, so be cautious when harvesting. 


Store just above freezing temperatures with 98% humidity.

Pest Info

  • Tarnished Plant Bugs cause brown scarring on stems. Romaine is especially susceptible.
  • Cabbage looper and cutworms can be controlled by Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt). 
  • Leafminers burrow underneath the skin and leave weaving, translucent trails. They are usually controlled by natural enemies.
  • Slugs and Snails can be baited by beer traps. Practice clean cultivation and avoid mulch.

Disease Info

Many lettuce diseases are best prevented by production practices that maximize airflow around heads to stimulate rapid drying. Many varieties have been bred to have disease resistance.  

Disease Resistances

  • Tip Burn
  • Lettuce Drop

Days to Maturity

Baby: 28 Days
Full Size: 60 Days